Excerpts from Just Cross Stitch Special Christmas Issue: Christmas Ornaments (December, 1997)

Heart in Hand Needleart was honored to be a part of the very first of the popular Just Cross Stitch Christmas Ornament issues.

JCS Christmas 97

Cecilia's design is called Merry! The design was accompanied by a remembrance of Christmas written by Cecilia. The piece described how Cecilia and her older sister, Julie, would take turns being lookout while they searched their parent's closet for unwrapped presents. It also described family outings selecting a Christmas tree and the excitement of Christmas Eve:

Finally Christmas Eve arrived.... The family would gather around the tree. Dad, Mom, Julie, David, John, myself, Aunts Clo and Dolores from Saint Louis and Uncle Bill from Rochester. But before the presents could be distributed...the Story. Dad read the Christmas story, as retold in his own words in a book Dad had written and published. Once the real story of Christmas was read, the magical evening had begun.

Now, years later, the faces around the tree have changed. There have been births and deaths, marriages and divorces, joys and sorrows. But we still count on dad to read the Christmas story, now with grandchildren on his knee. With each word of the story, you see the magic of the night in the sparkling little one's eyes.

JCS ornament 97

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