Excerpts from Profile of a Needlework Artist: Cecilia Turner, Just Cross Stitch (December, 1999)

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The ever popular Just Cross Stitch included a profile of Cecilia to accompany a new design she did exclusively for the magazine.

Cecilia Turner has been many things throughout her career. She holds a degree in broadcast journalism from Miami University and worked for years as a writer and producer at a television station in Cincinnati. Afterwards, Turner spent six years working as an editor at a publishing house. She is a wife and mother to two girls, Elise and Allison; and now she can claim success in yet another discipline--needlework. Heart in Hand Needleart is the name of her very popular cross-stitch design company that produces charming folk-art renderings that are quick-to-stitch and easy-to-finish.

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The article discussed how Heart in Hand came to be. Cecilia won a design contest in a national magazine and began submitting her designs, many of which were published. This led to her decision to turn her popular design work into a true business.

In consideration of some good advice from a distributor she met at the Rockome Gardens consumer show in 1992, the budding entrepreneur attended the 1993 Charlotte trade show with a design she finished stitching on the way there.

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The following year that design and two others were released under the name Heart in Hand Needleart.

The article discussed the broad popularity of Wee Ones™, the quick-to-stitch smaller design line Cecilia produces.

The profile concluded with Cecilia discussing her involvement with two other popular design companies to form The Trilogy, a new design company that features designs created jointly by all three designers.

Heart in Hand Needleart, Bent Creek, and Twisted Threads have joined together to create an entirely new line of cross-stitch designs. According to Turner, the three companies have been friends for some time now and have decided to combine their energies... 'We're just so excited to be working together on this. It seems like every week we come up with a new idea,' the artist shares.

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The profile concluded with the design Grateful Hearts, which was designed exclusively for the magazine.

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