Halloween Parade


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Fabric: 30 count Straw linen, Weeks Dye Works, 877-OVERDYE
Fibers: Weeks Dye Works, 877-OVERDYE (Boysenberry, Cinnabar, Mascara,
Molasses, Mulberry, Seaweed, Sweet Potato, Whiskey, and Whitewash
Gentle Art, 614-855-8346
 (Cherry Wine, Chives, Freedom, Moonlit Path, and Walnut)
Crescent Colours, 888-984-7323
 (Hickory Sticks)
Embellishments: Tiny Candy Corn, Black Spike, Small Squiggle Mouth Pumpkin,
Black Poindexter, and Wee Candy Corn buttons, Just Another Button Company, 618-667-8531
Finishing: Frame, 5.25 x 12 OLK-BKSM, East Side Mouldings, 800-840-6077

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