Square Dance: April-May-June 

Square Dance Cover April May  June

Large Chart

Fabric: 32 count Vintage Country Mocha Belfast linen, Yarn Tree
Fibers: Classic Colorworks Thread, 520-396-3802 (Blacksmith Blue, Blue Moon,
Candied Yams, Carrie Berry, Colonial Copper, Dublin Bay, Eve’s Leaves, Pink Posey, Queen Bee,
Snowball, Strawberry Parfait, and
 Weeping Willow)
Weeks Dye Works, 877-OVERDYE (Blue Heron, Dirt Road, Grape Vine, Seaweed, and Sweet Potato)
Embellishments: Included with chart
Model Stitching: Rosalie Colby
Standup Finishing: Mona Bostmgbost@me.com

Download a PDF of our Square Dance Border

 to create a finished piece nearly a yard long.

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