Wee Autumn

wee autumn

Wee One™

Fabric: 30 or 32 count Irish Creme linen, R&R Reproductions, 757-474-9660
Fibers: Gentle Art, 614-855-8346 (Brandy, Cherry Bark, Cherry Wine, Cinnamon, Claret, Copper, Midnight, Oatmeal, Sable, Summer Meadow, and Tarnished Gold)
Embellishments: N/A
Finishing: Frame, East Side Mouldings, 800-840-6077
Alternate Finishing (Pictured Below): Window Frame, East Side Mouldings, 800-840-6077

Wee Autumn pictured in East Side Window Frame
with Wee WinterWee Spring, and Wee Summer.

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