Wee Kite

wee kite

Wee One™

DESIGNER'S NOTE: Wee Kite is an excellent design to introduce children to the art of cross stitch. The design does feature specialty stitches but can obviously be finished without them, Of interest to children is that Wee Kite is based on artwork by a child. The leaflet reads:

Wee Kite is for my daughter Elise, age 10, who came up with the idea and drew the original artwork for this piece. The bright colors in this piece reflect Elise's bright and shining soul. I love you, Elise!

The leaflet includes a photo of the original artwork (see below).

Fabric: 30 or 32 count Evening Song Blue linen, R&R Reproductions, 757-474-9660
Fibers: Gentle Art, 614-855-8346 (Brandy, Cherry Wine, Midnight, and Pine)
Embellishments: N/A
Finishing: Frame (Valentine inside/Very Romantic Blue outside), East Side Mouldings, 800-840-6077

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