Wee Shamrock

wee shamrock

Wee One™

Fabric: Wee Shamrock Pillow: 16 count Whte Birch Heatherfield (#9224-12), Wichelt Imports, Inc., 608-788-4600
Wee Shamrock Framed (Pictured below): 32 count Olive Green Belfast linen (#3609-638), Norden Crafts, 800-323-1252
Fibers: Wee Shamrock Pillow: Impressions, The Caron Collection, 800-862-2766 (Emerald, 2001, 2040, and 5061)
Wee Shamrock Framed (Pictured below): Gentle Art, 614-855-8346 Dried Thyme )
Anchor, (
45, 862, and 1019)
Embellishments: Wee Shamrock Pillow: Wooden Heart Charm, Homespun Elegance, 540-371-6377
Wee Shamrock Framed (Pictured below): Wooden Heart Charm, Homespun Elegance, 540-371-6377
Finishing: Wee Shamrock Pillow: Sew It Seems Custom Needlework Finishing, 513-576-0201
Wee Shamrock Framed (Pictured below): Frame, 3300SP 6 x 6 inside, 09CR outside, East Side Mouldings, 800-840-6077

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